From super special birthday parties to exclusive private events, we have something for every occasion.

A Truly Magical Experience!

A one of a kind program teaching self-confidence, social skills, and horsemanship for kids ages 3 and up. Taught completely using Miniature horses.

Munchkins & Minis

What We Do

Unique Learning

Hands-on learning unlike
anything you’ve seen before

Years of Experience

All sessions facilitated by
certified & experienced professionals

From the Heart

An unmatched passion for
our minis & for what we do

A Truly One of a Kind Learning Experience
Our Services

Birthday Parties

Our minis would like to wish you the happiest of birthdays and provide an amazing experience for you and your friends!

Magical Mini Experience

Join us for an exclusive, one of a kind experience with miniature horses. Your private group will enjoy working on the ground with our well trained miniature horses. 

Munchkins & Minis

Our exclusive one of a kind learning program, offered exclusively at our two Durham Region locations! This parents (or grandparents!) and tots class will introduce little ones to the wonderful world of ponies while teaching empathy, respect and kindness.

Meet our team

Diana Matlashewski

Diana has a keen interest in horses as healers and teachers, which has led her to combine her passions and provide personal and leadership development opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds, while also helping find work for retired horses. She is certified EAL facilitator through Equine Connection, and also owns and operations Herd Dynamics and Ontario Animal Thermography.

Stephanie Jensen

Stephanie is passionate about developing talent and helping individuals succeeded. She is certified through Dreamwinds Equestrian in the Cartier Farms EAL Certification program, and leverages decades of experience as  equestrian, coach, and mentor to deliver a unique approach to personal development. She is also the owner and director of CONNECT! EAL and Stephanie Jensen Equestrian.

Our parents and tots classes introduce children to the wonderful world of ponies while also teaching empathy, respect and kindness.

We pride ourselves on providing safe and interactive learning environments that allow your children to learn and develop while also having fun!

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