The king of the minis, Pickles is the one who likes to tell you he’s boss (but it’s only because Olive lets him). The way to this mini’s heart is through his stomach, and he’ll do just about anything for a snack. Usually found with his head in a hay bale, this little charmer is super sweet and knows how to show his people the ropes. He loves a good scratch and is super quiet for handling, hugs, petting, and educational demonstrations


Born: 2015
Colour: Black and white
Height: ~ 36 inches
Sex: Gelding
Markings: Blaze, blue eye
Favorite things: Food, food, and more food.

Our parents and tots classes introduce children to the wonderful world of ponies while also teaching empathy, respect and kindness.

We pride ourselves on providing safe and interactive learning environments that allow your children to learn and develop while also having fun!

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